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              發布單位:成果專利綜合科 [2019-07-11 10:51:07] 打印此信息

              題目:An Undergraduate Research Mentoring Model for Non-Research Minority Serving Institutions

              內容簡介:We demonstrates an effective mentoring model utilized by the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) at Albany State University (ASU). The model includes building mentor-mentee relationships and implementing an evaluation process. The principles of our model are consistent with the ones that are in existing literature in the field of developmental relationships; however, the model has been tailored to fit our non-research minority serving institution. The model has been implemented and tested in the CUR over the past three years.The effectiveness of the model is supported by the results of data analysis conducted from 2012 to 2014. According to the data, students who participated in the undergraduate research program, GPA scores increased by 73% compared to the non-undergraduate research participants whose GPA scores increased only 58%.The above data is consistent with the study conducted by Finley & McNair (2013), concluding that minority students who participate in such mentor-mentee (faculty-student) activities show greater improvements in retention and GPA scores.

              報告人:美國奧爾巴尼州立大學(Albany State University)馮力(Li Feng)教授

              報告人簡介:Li Feng is a Tenured Professor of Mathematics/Coordinator of Math Program at Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Scienceof Albany State University , specialising in Topology and its applications. He hold a PH.D. in Math. from Department of Mathematics, Wesleyan University, Middletown(1990 -1995) and M.S. in Computational Mathematics (1988) from Department of Computer Science, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University, Guangzhou, P. R.China(1986 - 1988) & B.S. in Mathematics from Department of Mathematics, Jinan University, Guangzhou, P.R. China( 1978 - 1982).He has published more than 30 mathematical papers and one textbook.He has presided over and completed 18 teaching and scientific research fund projects.He won awards of University System of Georgia ALG Textbook Transformation Award(2016) and Albany State University Teacher of the Year 2003-2004 and Whos Who Among Americas Teachers, 8th ed. 2004 and 9th ed .2005 etc.









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